30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge: Day One

So here’s the deal people…I’m not doing this alone. You read it right…Day One…of exercise.

I know…it scares me too. I am absolutely convinced that I am allergic to exercise. But maybe…just maybe…I need to build up my tolerance.

Taylor comes to me today and says something like…”You want in on this Ma?” She shoves her phone in my face to read this poster. I promptly pushed the phone far from my face…so I could read…DUH! And this is what I see…



I zeroed in on Day One…Easy peasy…right? It’s just 10 sit ups, 10 crunches and 25 squats. I’m thinking low numbers. I’m excited. I can do this. My youngest daughter, Rachel, chimes in excitedly and says she wants to do it too…Us girls together YES! Let’s do this!

We took down our Christmas tree today…so before moving the furniture back…we had a wide open room to do Day One in. We lay on the floor and shove our toes under the couch, locked our hands behind our heads and my daughters WENT.TO.TOWN. 1! 2! 3! 4!…

I locked up in halfway position on 1! I startled myself and almost choked on my own spit. WHAT? Only halfway? What the heck?! OK…I haven’t done a sit up in about 10 years but COME ON…I can do this!

I figure I can cheat a little bit cause I’m older now and I’m out of practice so I unlock my hands from behind my head and violently air-grab my way up off the floor. 1! I did it!

My kids finished their 10 and I’m pretty sure they did 10 extra and then stopped to watch me. I’m pretty sure I redefined train wreck for them but I’M DOING THIS PEOPLE!!! I abso-stinkin-lutely did it…all 10 of those suckers! My arms got quite the workout too (from all the violent air-grabbing) so wahoo! BONUS!

Moving on…

Taylor said we should move to the squats to give our abs a break before we move to the crunches.

OK…25 squats. I was clear up front…I will not be squatting real close to the floor. This is no joke. I will get hurt. Taylor also gave me the tip that I should point my toes out with feet far apart. This is to work the inner thigh ladies. She demonstrated for me and it actually looked easier than a regular squat (like I really know).

BLESS ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO DO SQUATS. I hit the third one and my ankles started shaking like crazy. I didn’t even know I was working my ankles. I was pretty vocal during this exercise…The kids aren’t breaking a sweat and they have no face action…except laughter. Apparently, I am HILARIOUS when exercising. I try not to get offended. This is a very character-defining thing to do.

I am very determined to do this. I can’t fail on DAY ONE! I’m doing this for crying out loud! I don’t care what it takes. These are my kids and they have seen me yell before. Maybe not like this.

I want you to know I did all 25! I have not stopped shaking from the waist down ever since completing them and I already am having a hard time moving. Did you take a quick peek at DAY TWO?…I’m a little nervous but…It’s time to move to 10 crunches.

I had a take a moment to walk off the squats while the kids pumped out what seemed like 100 push ups…I’m not sure…they were just having fun…I may have blacked out but I did come back.

Down on the floor again. I can do crunches y’all…I’m serious! Apparently, I need to work a little bit on form but I actually did 15…so I feel like it was a win!

DAY ONE COMPLETE! I feel so proud of myself.

I asked the kids to help me off the floor and I’ve been taking it easy the rest of the day.

I want to encourage you.

If I can do this…so can you! Join me and my girls! It will do us all good. Looking forward to DAY TWO.

Pray for me.

I love you sweet peeps!



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  1. Lol…I could just picture all of this playing out! Can’t wait to hear how day 2 goes. Seriosly…good for you. I just got the new CIZE dvds…I’m sure it will be hilarious here too. Love ya girl.

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