I have something super exciting to share with you!

I’ve actually been thinking ahead to what I can do next to keep some kind of fitness going on.

Why would I put myself through 30 days of squatting and sit ups/crunches…just to get stronger and then, what? Let myself go?

I don’t think so sweet peeps!

If you hate exercise as much as me…you are gonna love this!

In all fairness…I don’t hate exercise as much as I did before the Ab & Squat Challenge. I know, right?!

Taylor came home from school yesterday with a new discovery (for us) from her friend Ashley (thanks bunches Ashley!)

It’s called Blogilates! I actually started this today…well…just the one for the butt and arms. I will save the abs for after the current challenge I am completing.

In Blogilates, you do 3 minutes of exercise without stopping…that’s it…but it is targeting a certain part of your body and it is intense BUT DOABLE!

I am going to post the three that I am going to start with targeting the butt, arms and abs…but the author┬áhas an entire selection of exercises you can do… targeting different areas of your body.

It really is awesome and quick to do…but it is challenging and I have a lot of strengthening to do!

I lack a bit of coordination skills so when I was doing some of the butt and leg toning…I felt as though I looked like a helicopter that got one of it’s flying blades shot out and was going down…but…Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care. I’m exercising people!

I hope you try it and check out all the other things you can do. I will not be doing daily updates for this but I will post from time to time on Facebook about it.

Be blessed sweet peeps! …YOU CAN DO THIS!








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