Hosanna Poetry…Pursued

This post is published with permission by Hosanna Wong. I told her that I found my story in her work! A.MA.ZING! I asked if she had the lyrics and she said no BUT she is going to have a lyric book/devotional coming out in January! So Jeff and I sat down and typed it out just for you!

Check out more of her work at HosannaPoetry.com.

In the meantime…as I sit with my mouth gaping open as she tells my story…I can’t help but think there are many others that can relate…may you be as encouraged and blessed by this as we are over here! I love you sweet peeps! Hugs!


I’ve been running for a long, long time.





Here is where my identity lies

So I’ve been running for a long, long time

Trying to keep myself together

Trying to keep my head above water

Trying to leave who I was behind

But I’ll be honest I’m exhausted

I’ve been running my whole life

Hoping that God doesn’t catch me

Hoping that God doesn’t snatch me

What would God say if He saw me

And then I heard of a woman whose story sounds a lot like mine

Her name was Gomer and she was a prostitute

She was so used to her lifestyle that after a while she had nothing left to lose

She was a whore

Giving her body away door to door

Nobody wanted her

She was running for a long, long time

The pavement was used to her

And then God said to a man named Hosea

Go and marry her

Don’t wait til she’s perfect

Take her as she is and love on her

And as you pursue her I hope you see a picture of what it’s like for me to love people

People just like her

And when she abandons you

Still chase after her

When she cheats on you

Still run after her

When she goes back to the life you saved her from

Go into the whorehouses and reclaim her

Pay whatever price

You have to have her

Though she’ll think she’s not worth that kind of love

Never give up on her

And when Gomer did all of those things

Still Hosea loved her

For no matter what she did

He was crazy madly obsessed with her

And I can’t help but think that I was once a lot like Gomer

I remember drowning in my sin

Being used by strange men

Falling shamefully onto the ground

I remember looking into a mirror

Crying because I saw no way out

I remember half living

The substances my body was inhaling

Just so I could forget

How disgusting I was

I remember knowing I would never deserve that kind of love

Feeling like Gomer

Swallow, chewed up and spit right out

And I know there are others who know exactly what I am talking about

We’ve been running for a long, long time





We have listened to all of these lies

Trying to keep ourselves together

Trying to keep our heads above water

We are all a little like Gomer

Unable to leave who we were behind

But even through this

God has noticed and He says

I’ve been chasing you your whole life

Hoping I can catch you

Hoping I can grasp you

So I can stop you to tell you I love you

Stop running

You are mine

Just like Hosea loved Gomer

I pursue you like a jealous lover

And when you abandon me

Still I chase after you

When you run from me

Still I run after you

When you go back to the life I saved you from

I will go into the whorehouses and reclaim you

I paid the price

I have to have you

Though you think you’re not worth that kind of love

I will never give up on you

I am crazy madly obsessed with you

And as we hear God say this

How could we accept this?

How could He love this?

A whore

A slut

A liar

A pimp

A thief

A murderer

An addict


A cheater

Has He seen where we’ve been?

How could He love us now?

And God says

I loved you then

I loved you while

I loved you while you were half living

And giving yourself to others who did not deserve you

I loved you while you were lying and living a two-faced life to those around you

I loved you while you were an addict, a thief, a whore

And still when you run

I will pursue you all the more

I love to pursue you

You’re who I sent my Son Jesus to die for

Aren’t you tired of running?

Isn’t your back sore from the guilt you’ve been carrying?

Aren’t chains exhausting?

Come to me and I’ll break your chains

Come to me

Rest your legs

There is no room left for your guilt when I’ve filled your life to the top with grace

My love is so good

You can’t define it

It covers your past

So you can’t rewind it

Or play back the scenes

I’ve already wiped clean

You’ve been set free

Your debt is gone

I love you right now

And I’ve loved you all along


So YES God

I’m tired of running


I’m tired of fighting

And I don’t know how you could possibly still want someone like me

But since you do

I give up my running shoes

After all this time of being pursued

I say YES God

Please capture me



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  1. Hello 😀 I loved this! Where do we find the other lyrics of Hosanna Poetry? Please… I’m so blessed and inspired!

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