What is keeping you in this state of STUCK?

Yes! I want to go there with you.

I have spent most of my life trying to find something or someone to fill the void I felt inside. Believe me when I tell you that I have tried every path I could find. I chased after the path of using my body to find love, but was always left feeling the disappointment of giving myself away just to be rejected. The shame that came with that lifestyle did much damage to the way I related to people. When I felt as if I could trust no one, I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the feelings of disappointment and loneliness. I spent much of my life thinking I had ruined my chances at a good life. Then I became a Christian and, even then, I set about chasing after works, titles, leadership, community with other Christians and lots and lots of knowledge. You know, all that good Christian stuff. When all of those things failed and then I (personally and publicly) failed, I lost my community and I went to the far extreme and isolated from even the few that didn’t reject me. Since we are made for relationship and connection, this led me into a deep depression and anxiety issues. I found myself exhausted, defeated and many times just simply wanting to give up.

This is not what my life was supposed to look like.

Can you relate to any of that?

I know some peeps in the Bible that would answer YES to that question!

How about the woman of Samaria in John 4? I can personally relate to her as she, too, has given herself away at least six times that we know of. She has been rejected by five men (or maybe there was loss for her in that story) and the one she was currently with didn’t even bother with marrying her. Already an outcast because she was a Samaritan, the rejection (or loss) of five husbands, judged and rejected by community because of her choices (either by choices she made or choices that were made for her), she feels alone. I’m sure as she walked to the well at noon every day, I bet she found herself saying this is not what my life was supposed to look like.

How about the leper in Luke 5? Leprosy was a terrible disease. And if you had it, you were the ultimate outcast in the community. Do you know how you got leprosy? By airborne respiratory droplets (coughs or sneezes)! It wasn’t even their fault! Sounds like what we are dealing with today with COVID. It’s so bad today that you are treated as an outcast if you don’t have a mask on! I’ve even talked to people who have had it and have healed from it and they are treated as if they have a scarlet letter placed on them. I’m sure the leper in Luke 5 and even some precious peeps today have had the same thoughts. This is not what my life was supposed to look like.

How about the sinful woman with the alabaster flask in Luke 7? She was called a woman of the city which probably meant she was a prostitute. So she was just chewed up and spit out amongst the people because of her choices. I realized in reading this story that she is a great example of why I want to help people. I have to say more about her because of that!

Here Jesus is invited to eat at a Pharisee’s house. Picture self-righteous and prideful people who thought they were pleasing to God because they kept the law. They also looked down their noses at people who simply weren’t as great as they thought they were.

This precious woman had already wrestled with the thought of this is not what my life is supposed to look like and she comes into this Pharisee’s house and draws near to Jesus, weeping, her tears falling on his feet, drying his feet with her hair and anointing his feet with the ointment she carried in her alabaster flask. Oh how I love her!

What keeps you from drawing near to Jesus?

Do you see yourself as a victim of your choices or other’s choices for you?

Do you feel disqualified or inadequate because of your past failures and blatant sins?

Do you struggle with feeling like you are too much or not enough?

Do you feel like an outcast? An outcast is defined as “a person who is rejected or cast out, as from home or society.” Have you been rejected by friends or family and struggle with fear that God will do the same?

What keeps you in this vicious cycle of doing the same things over and over again?

What is keeping you in this state of STUCK?

I have been there sister. But there is good news! You don’t have to stay there!

All these things I’ve mentioned so far (and MORE!) is the reason I became a Certified Christian Life Coach. I don’t care much for titles anymore but I want you to know that, not only do I have maximum training in my own life experiences, I actually took classes to meet the requirements of being the real deal in the eyes of you…Virginia…the United States, the world…LOL! Just know that I got my ducks in a row, okay?

I want to help you get unstuck. I want to point you to Jesus and help you figure out what keeps you from Him because I promise you friend, He loves you so very much.

I am professional…yet very laid back…

I love the questions God asked in the Bible. Good questions really are how we get to the root of what is going on in your mind and heart.

He asked Adam and Eve…where are you?

He asked Hagar, the servant of Sarai…where have you come from and where are you going?

Those are three great questions that I would love to explore with you.

Where have you come from?

Where are you today?

Where do you want to go?

I would love the opportunity to walk alongside you as your New Life Coach. If you are interested in working with me, you can sign up for a FREE 30-minute discovery call to see if coaching is for you and to answer any questions you may have about coaching. You can click here to schedule that FREE call.

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