Looking in the Mirror

I dragged myself out of bed on a particular morning a few weeks ago. I took a hot shower, wrapped my head in a towel, put my robe on and stood before the dreaded mirror. It was fogged up with steam and, frankly, I was happy about that.

But I had to see in order to put my makeup on and fix my hair.


I wiped away the steam…and there I stood. Looking back at myself. Blinking.

The dreaded mirror.

On this particular morning, my eyes were opened to just how heavy the dreaded mirror has been in my life.

And not just the bathroom mirror.

As fallen human beings, we can turn anything into a mirror…

Other people.
Social media.
Walking past certain storefronts in the mall (you know what I’m talking about)

The list can go on! Add your own particular mirror.

The problem is I stand in front of all those things and reflect on how I fall short, where I fail, my flaws, etc. (Can somebody say “I I I…ME ME ME!)

And from there, I play the enemy’s popular game of comparison, trying to measure up to some standard that was never supposed to be set for me. I forget all about who God made me to be and I spend YEARS of my life trying to be anything other than…

Simply me.


Because of all these comparisons and standards I HAVE SET FOR MYSELF, I’ve lost the ability to even know how to simply be me.

This game we play is dangerous. It makes us mean. It makes us hungry. Hungry for more…

More attention.
More praise.
More validation.
More likes.
More money.
More success.

And it grows…

You want to be the best at everything.


How are we supposed to love like Jesus if we are constantly in a competition to be the best? How do we ever get to REALLY know someone’s heart and do REAL life with someone if you are too busy thinking about yourself COMPARED to this person.

I’ve hurt people doing that. It makes me sick.

How can you ever find yourself being an encourager in the Body of Christ, if you are too busy feeling inferior and insecure around everyone?

It makes it hard to have a teachable spirit if you never want anyone to think you actually need to learn something.

Oh I’m preaching it to my heart this morning!

There is only one mirror that I truly need to be looking into and that is the WORD OF GOD.

He actually made me! He made me to be Debbie and He made you to be you.

We were made to function the way He prepared in advance for us to function for His glory. He went before us and set a path for us to walk in.

It is hard work to go off His path for me and do my own thing. When I set my eyes on people, I find myself living a life that feels like the physical labor of digging tunnels and climbing trees in a jungle…Madness!

I’m thankful for that day in front of my bathroom mirror.

I’m thankful that God opened my eyes and I pray that, if you are stuck in this place, maybe God would use this blog to point to your real need…JESUS.

If you want to be like somebody…JESUS is your standard.

And if you need some changing…JESUS will help you. Will you listen?

This life is about JESUS…

Not YOU (or ME).

Though I will tell you like I tell my children *you are never more beautiful than when you are being you *

Have I arrived? Have I mastered this thing I’m talking about?

No sweet peeps. I haven’t. I still fail. But as I choose to renew my mind DAILY in HIS WORD, I’m more aware of it when it happens. I can turn and get back on His path for me a whole lot quicker than I used to.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

I beg you to stop looking at other people to get what you need. It will not turn out well. I promise you. Trust me on this one!

I beg you to find your worth and value in the ONE who made you. I beg you to ask for His wisdom in helping you to figure out your own walk in who He made you to be and what He wants you to do.

For His Glory.

What else is there?

I love you.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. James 1:5



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