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Why Would You Want to Talk to Me?

I am a scandalous grace girl.

Something in me comes alive when I say that because the grace of God is something that has been so hard for me to wrap my mind around. But, I’m learning about it. I’m seeing it in my life and it is so very jaw-dropping scandalous and good. God’s love for me and you…ha! Before we even knew anything about Him…He was knitting us together in our mommas’ wombs, delighting in us, singing over us and loving us so much that He sent His only Son (Jesus) to die for all our sins…before we committed even one!

Did you know that He knew ALL our sins (and let me tell you, there is A LOT just over here in my little space on the planet) and He chose to die for us to save us from an eternity without Him. I don’t know anyone on this earth that would do that for me…especially if they really knew me. Right? Some of my disappointments have been that I have failed so badly, people can’t even look or talk to me anymore.

Oh sweet one! That’s okay! If that is happening to you…it’s okay!

I know it hurts. But make no mistake, God sees you and loves you and wants you…all your good and all your bad…He has such wonderful things in store for you and me.

But, if we are honest, a lot of us believe that we have to get our acts together before we can ever measure up to God wanting the likes of us. Is that true of you?

It was true of me. I struggled so much knowing who I really was because I spent so much time caring about what people thought of me and wanting to be accepted. But, I never really felt like I could totally be myself (cause frankly I didn’t know how) and it left me defeated.

A defeated life can lead to many things including anxiety, depression, addiction, anger and isolation.

I’ve been there sisters.

One of my big fears…REJECTION.

That will make you cry yourself to sleep at night for sure.

My biggest fear? DEPRESSION. I hate that word and God knows it. I had to face it and it felt as if I had failed at life…but then that scandalous grace and love of God came in through a small crack of my hardening heart and I am forever changed and continuing to change. Is it fun? Not always. Is it hard? Yes, but even harder when you try to do it alone. You were made for relationship, precious one.

There is hope in all of your mess and I want to journey with you as we figure out what living the New Life is supposed to look like. Will you walk with me?Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what He has done for my soul (Psalm 66:16)

3 thoughts on “About Debbie”

  1. Thanks Debbie for making today’s chore at Champions a joy. It was fun serving with you. I also thank you for your openness and your willingness to listen. I am sure God has great plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11. Hope to see you again soon! Abundant Blessings, Chris

  2. blessings and thank you for sharing! Your friendship is still treasured, our Lord and Father is truely rejoicing to know your sights are on Him!

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