30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge: Day Three

5 Sit ups / 20 Crunches / 35 Squats

I stare at that on paper and it just seems like such low numbers. On paper, it just looks so easy. Actually, I’m so terrified of the squats that I’ve actually gotten better at the full sit ups. I actually threw in ONE extra sit up because I was procrastinating getting to the squats.

I decided that sitting in the hot tub BEFORE doing the squats would be beneficial. I have to say, the hot water did help my legs feel so much better. I was even inspired to maybe do the squats in the hot tub since my legs felt better.

Jeff said that wouldn’t work because the point to squats is to use my weight. Then he laughed and said I would just look like a bobber in the water…and that didn’t count.




So we got out of the hot tub and we went directly to our corners for the exercises. “Let’s get this over with” is basically my attitude right now because my stinkin’ legs hurt y’all.

I did the first 8 squats and I’m not kidding…I thought my legs were going to blow right off my body. I considered just quitting. I started calculating worse case scenarios in my head.

I decided it was the enemy! I did three more squats and then moved to my crunches. I did 10 extra of those sweet peeps…that HAS GOT TO COUNT FOR SOMETHING.

Then back to the squats. Taylor was just doing them all fast-like and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t even breathing (which is bad I think)…her face was a little flushed and her hair was all wispy. She stops and says “the hot tub made me weak.”


Have you ever felt like just ninja-jumping across the room at someone? Yeah…well lucky for her…MY LEGS ARE BROKE.

Rachel was very quiet tonight…maybe it was the threats from last night that kept her quiet. She was still cute EXERCISING IN HER FLANNEL SHIRT and still looking cool. It’s hot in here for crying out loud!

Jeff cranked out his squats, 10 at a time…he was breathing a little hard but he did a great job.

So everyone’s done and there’s just me with 24 more squats to go.

You sweet women out there doing this with me…YOU keep me going! Bless you! I will not quit (or at least not tonight)

I did 19 more holding on to the bed. Each squat felt as if muscle was just gonna pop right out of my skin. This may be a good thing I guess…I want muscle right?

Then I made the mistake and took a break with FIVE STINKIN’ MORE TO GO! Can you spell dumb? D U M B!!!!

Jeff’s on the floor cranking out crunches and he’s like…”just do them…don’t think about it…do them real fast!” Man, he made it sound so easy!

So I did…and with each one I screamed so loud, the kids described it as a woman giving childbirth…

I don’t particularly like thinking about all the screaming and the weird twisted up pain-filled faces I have been making the last three days but I did it and I hope you did too.

Day Three done.



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