30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge: Day Two

I woke up this morning needing assistance to get out of bed. As a matter of fact, throughout the night, I needed assistance to turn over as the shock of what I did to my body became evident almost immediately upon working out yesterday.

I’m embarrassed that this is the shape I find myself in at 46 years of age. It was only one day for crying out loud. It was only 10 sit ups, 10 crunches and 25 squats. Good grief!

I groaned like a 150-year-old woman every time I made a move today…getting in and out of the van, sitting in a chair, getting back up. Do you realize you are doing a squat EVERY TIME you go to the bathroom? Just sayin’

I was real scared thinking ahead to what today held for me in the exercise arena.

20 situps, 15 crunches and 30 squats …I almost cried at the thought of it and wrestled within myself as to whether there were health code violations I would be crossing if I went through with Day Two.

But I did an awesome thing…I put myself out there in the Internet world for accountability. Apparently, some of you have been motivated to go through this with me. God Bless You! I will pray for you and please, I beg of you, to pray for me (especially my upper legs).

I’m in this! WE ARE DOING THIS TOGETHER. Good news! Even my husband has joined in. He’s such a man…he just skipped day one and started with day two (I’m chuckling about his tomorrow)…

Today was church Sunday and we are fasting for 21 days as a church body. Today’s sermon was excellent on fasting. I’ve actually never heard a sermon on fasting before. I tend to run away from that word mostly because I didn’t fully understand its significance…but now I do. When that sermon becomes available online…I will let you know…I want everyone to hear it.

How does this tie in to Day Two? I almost convinced myself that I should fast from exercise. It was the only loophole I could find in getting out of putting myself out there on the Internet. Sigh. Don’t worry. I came to my senses. Exercise is certainly not an idol in my life so I’m thinking we don’t need to worry about fasting from it.

I did, however, come to the conclusion that there are things in my life that make me somewhat angry at the thought of NOT being able to do them or have them because I like them so much or it causes my flesh to cry out in want. Now…those things…I need to get them off the throne.

Die to self, pick up your cross and follow Jesus. It is for our good, individually and for the Body of Christ as a whole. So I will not be fasting from exercise. Instead, I will focus more on taking better care of my body. And I LOVE that I have my family and lots of friends doing this with me!

Sweet peeps…as I write this…in this moment…I believe fire flames are shooting out of my thighs.


It was a very loud 15 minutes of exercise…don’t judge my time. Taylor said very flippantly that it should only take us about 3 minutes to do this exercise routine. I repented from wanting to fight her.

We all moved to the bedroom floor tonight because there were four of us together. I put my crocks on so I could hook my feet under my dresser. We started with the sit ups…Full sit ups are hard y’all! Double than yesterday BUT I DID IT!!! Again, I am still in full on violent air-grabbing but I am doing a full sit up. I look for my form to change for the better…or at least I pray it does. I can’t go to the gym acting like this people.

We then moved to the dreaded squats. I had already made it very clear that I was concerned about how my legs were going to handle this. We are doing 5 stinkin’ more than yesterday. I personally had to break this up in to three sets of 10. I held on to the end of my bed as I squatted as far down as I could go…WHICH APPARENTLY was not far enough for my children.

They literally badgered me. They just don’t get what my problem is. I CAN HARDLY MOVE KIDS! I’m hearing them as literal tears are falling out my eyes and I’m screaming angrily at the walls…Come on Mom! You are not going down far enough! You are not doing it right Mom! Oh gosh, Mom are you alright?!

I think Rachel tried to touch me once as she told me to focus and was giving me instructions on how to do it their way. I may or may not have threatened to break her arms off. I have since apologized.

I heard nothing out of Jeff but extreme breathing and laughing. I’m thinking we are bonding in this…

I got through 20 squats and decided to get the crunches out of the way. I can truly do crunches sweet peeps…I’m a little wobbly still but I can make it happen. Don’t judge me if you see spit flying out of my mouth as I count them out…they are still happening and I have no plans to join a gym anytime soon. I do promise, however, to get the yelling and spitting under control if I do try that route.

By the time I got the crunches out of the way…I was just flat out angry at where I have let my body get to. This is ridiculous and I am more motivated than I’ve ever been to get through this difficult part…I look forward to my growth and discipline. (please don’t expect it too soon).

Honestly, I think I may have quit or rested today if I hadn’t put myself out there with you sweet peeps to hold myself accountable. We need each other. I hope you are pressing in and on.

I will have you know that I did the last 10 squats WITHOUT holding on to the bed…Anger does that to me…I become superhuman when I’m mad. I made my kids proud…just on the last 10 though.

Day Two done! See you tomorrow…

P.S. If you are just joining…you can see Day One post for the workout chart 🙂



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